Our special Twilight Toussaint celebration 2019

Last week, we celebrated our sixth annual day of Toussaint remembering all the special four paws and friends who are no longer with us. As ever, we had wonderful support, with some of our friends sponsoring candles for their own departed companions, family and friends, and others sponsoring a candle in memory of one of their favourite Twilight Puds. (Not that we really have favourites, of course; we love all the Puds equally, but some do touch our hearts in a special way.)

At Twilight we celebrated the memory of all the Puddings past, and especially those who have gone over the rainbow bridge this year: Sebastian, Beatrice, Lemon, Memere, Vicky, Beauty, Bach, Precious, Molly, Bacchus, Dana, Jacob, Boubou, Loulou and one of our supporter’s favourite old puds Batman.

We thank everyone who has supported us with this fundraiser, especially Aldeen, Maggie, Linda, Tracey, Dawn, Mary, Susan, Emanuelle, Liz, Angela, Lesley, Stuart, Stella, Isabelle, Iris, Cecily, Carol and Joan.

We asked our supporters who had generously donated to buy a candle in memory of their own precious four or two-legs to send us a photo if they could, and here below is a gallery of their wonderful pictures.

In loving memory of: Skye, Fern, Scoop, Toby, Milou, Danny, Terry, Jorja, Dana, Cheekie, Vicky, Tinkerbell, Tabrouk, Ben, Jake, Kel, Fluffy cat, Lorena, Christophe, Elvis, Chelsey, Jasper, Sapphi, Affie & Smokey.