In memory of dear Jacob

Of course we do not have favourites, but sometimes a special dog touches our hearts and those of our dear supporters. This week has been a difficult one at Twilight, with the passing of dear Jacob, Boubou and the lovely Dana who was in outreach with Wendy. We will miss them all, but our work goes on. Dear Rock is recovering well from an emergency operation and the youngsters, Bear, Bob, Braille and Dobbie keep us on our toes.

But let’s pause to remember a very special boy, one how has touched many hearts. In Leeanne’s words …

Dear Jacob.

Nine years ago you came to us, with your beautiful and flirty sister Fleur who is with my sister now in the UK. You had been saved by the then president and founder of the Hope Association, Siobhan. And what a mighty job she did with you both. Against the odds, you both survived parvovirus and were just delicious. I fell in love with you as pups. It was one of those couldn’t help myself moments! You came home with me that very day. I announced ‘we’ were coming home to daddy on the phone bless, no choice on this one daddy Mike!

We have had such fun, such friendship, such devotion.

Dear Jacob had been unwell for a little while, you notice those little differences, but he maintained his loving ways and handsomeness x Sadly though, the initial bloods showed likely cancer. An ultrasound showed a clear stomach problem and then a scan showed the tumour engulfing the stomach and about to make its way in, with also much inflammation in his abdomen region.

He had slowed down, and the last week showed it in his eyes and vomiting. The vet advised it was the kindest thing to let him go, and that we really had no choice. I thank at this moment Katarina. We lit a candle, we prayed, we needed to feel close as he left this plane. We will have him home, and he will join his family in our memory garden x

I always feel a passing, but this one has stopped me in my tracks. My heart really hurts …. my friend has left. Jacob, thank you. For all and everything you taught, gave and shared.

Forever loved my little man.

Mum and Dad xxx