We were so sad at the passing of our special Vicki. Her heart murmur was severe for some months, but very sadly, due to a wave of kennel cough that swept through our home, due to an unforeseen infected newbie, her lungs and heart combined could not take the strain. We tried hard, much medication and extra love, but it wasn’t enough, she grew too weak and tired. She died in Leeanne’s arms with the vet’s help, the relief as she passed was tangible.

Vickie had come from a grim background, so the time we all shared was especially precious. Her years here have been a delight, and as she stepped into her 16th year, we had made full use of that extra time to put right the wrongdoings of man before, I hope. Godspeed little one, you will forever be in our hearts, love you so very much. RIP Vicki 10.6.2019