Dobbie – a little ray of sunshine

This little man has captured so many hearts. He found his way to Twilight in May 2016, from Mornac SPA, when he was only three months old. Dobbie is a French bulldog – a very popular pedigree breed with puppy prices anywhere between €600 and €1,000. However, Dobbie had a problem. He was a disabled pup and hence he had been handed in to the SPA. His back, rear leg and hip deformities mean that he is doubly incontinent, thus earning him the name ‘Dobbie’, as he dobs his little bottom all over the place. Sounds unpleasant, but once Dobbie got into the Twilight routine and was rigged up with daily baths, nappies and some rather smart pants for trips out, his bottom problems just became part of the new norm.

As Dobbie has grown his back legs have become stronger. He enjoys playing football out in the garden with his best friend, Bear – it doesn’t seem to matter how roughly the big dogs treat him, little Dobbie just rolls over and goes back for more. With his friend Bear, Dobbie went to Lourdes with Daddy Twilight, he’s represented Twilight at the Hope Book Sales, and he went on holiday with his two bulldog mates at Auntie Verity’s.

Dobbie has had his share of health scares. In June 2016, it was paws crossed all round as he fought a nasty lung infection. Unfortunately, an MRI scan confirmed that his compressed spinal problem and thoracic malformation is from birth not injury. The nerve damage is full. The lifelong incontinence was always anticipated, but he may have problems with muscle growth and spinal curvature that could affect his quality of life. Nevertheless, Dobbie is a true little fighter, full of courage, and he’s maintained his physical condition through lots of swimming, an activity he adores. With Twilight’s love and care he is doing things against all the odds that some said he would never do. Everyone loves him, and with that cute little face who could resist?