Welcome to Twilight ~ the retirement home for dogs

La Maison de retraite pour les chiens

The Twilight Puddings with Mum and Dad, Leeanne and Mike, thank you for visiting our website. Established over ten years ago, the Twilight Retirement Home for Dogs has seen more than 300 dogs pass through its gates and has inspired many people to welcome an old or disabled dog into their life. Nestled in the verdant countryside of the French Perigord Vert, this family home is an oasis of love and tranquillity where the old, sick, lame and unwanted come to spend their final years, months or days, with all that a dog needs to make him or her as well and as comfortable as possible. It’s about having the best of life to the very moment of crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Twilight: ensuring a dog’s last memory is of being loved

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‘Appy Holidays

After over ten weeks of strict lockdown life, with over twenty puds to look after and without the stream of regular volunteers to help with the cleaning, gardening and routine maintenance, Mike and Leeanne were well-deserving of a break to … Read More

C is for the cheeky chihuahuas

They might be the smallest breed of dog recognised by the Kennel Club, but little chihuahuas more than make up for their diminutive size with their big personalities. In fact, such was the impact of Twilight’s best known chihuahua Peggy … Read More