When Boubou and Peypere came, thanks to some very special ladies in their village that saved them we all fell instantly in love. They had lived their lives together, they were inseparable. They loved each other close every day. When Peypere died, we feared for Boubou, but she turned all her love to daddy. As daddy got sick, she loved him and watched over him. One night, as always, she went to bed with him. I was just doing those last minute bedibise things and heard a mighty scuffle. I feared Mike had fallen from his bed, but ran to find Boubou having the mightiest fit. She was so strong, I held her best I could. I called the vet, he instructed me on  a tranquillising treatment. Sadly, this didn’t work, and she remained deeply distressed. The 20 mins in the car was interesting, but I sang and talked all the way. We had time to wait, she was so strong, but I believe she heard me, and just once we held each other’s gaze in love and knowing.

When the vet arrived, he quickly sedated her. We reviewed her recent history, and felt the diagnosis of a brain tumour looked most likely. She passed so peacefully. I could almost hear Peypere sigh, that his mate was at last with him – what a reunion that would have been to see. Boubou, thank you for all your love, and thank you for giving your dad the very heart of you. Run free now my golden girl, with our love always xxxx