Dear Dana has been having a most wonderful time in her outreach family, with her mate Bounty, at our very own Wendy and her family x

You might recall the sad situation that they came to us. Their dear mum became suddenly sick, and fell into a long and grim coma. We were asked to help by the family and we took them in as Twilighters. I am delighted to say, that whilst not 100%, a year or so on, their mum is alive and doing well – our love to you Emmanuel at this sad time.

Wendy has been a wonderful Mum, loving Golden Retrievers like they flow through her veins. She has watched Dana closely these last few months, and sadly this week, it was clear through tests things were not good. We agreed with the vets to open her up, just to be sure. In her case, the bladder was consumed with cancer. She is now free of pain, but that smile and tail will be brightening up another room over the bridge. Thank you Wendy for being a super outreach mum. Run free dear Dana xxxx