Dear Bacchus had been taken to a vets in Niort to be put to sleep by his owner. Ok, getting on a bit, and blind, but he seemed in otherwise good health. Thanks to an SOS to Hope, we were able to take him in. He came and we loved him instantly. Needed his bits seeing too, and he took a few weeks to settle but goodness me, what a love bug. His tail swirled; he was so happy. But months on he started to change a little. Restlessness describes him best. In his last few days, he was particularly a little unsure and uncomfortable. Sadly one Friday eve he had a collection of petite mals and what can only be described as a ‘flip’. He needed restraint and he was deeply distressed. By morning he was back to normal and all was forgotten. But we couldn’t ignore what had happened. Injured other puds, and nearly injured humans. Goodness I wept. The two vets that know us all well, just held me close …. and Bacchus too …. there was no choice. Oxygen was being deprived to his brain to such a degree he had become compromised. We loved him, he had extra time and he passed with dignity and all the love a Twilight pud can have, from us and also two handsome vets! Bless you dear Bacchus. Rest now, and know we will never ever forget you golden one xxx