This old lad was brought to our attention by the lovely Sally. Yet another sad maltreatment situation. Sally and Linda, and many others at the SPA fought hard for him to get him to somewhere warm and loving. He is 12 plus. Weak, chained most of his puff, kidney failure and only the morning of his release a tumour found on his lung. Welcome Bach. Thank you Phoenix for helping with a final push. Thank you Jill for collecting him with less than 24 hours’ notice. Thin. Wobbly. The very runniest of Diarrhoea and a pee that needs us to consider buying dinghies!! His perky ears stood on tip toe as he met his new family. Still entire, he hasn’t lost his sniff abilities! On his first morning, goodness he wobbled around the garden, wagged his tail and just loved the clear freedom experience. This is what it is all about. Welcome old boy. Very welcome indeed. Let’s get some love crammed into your last days xxx