It is always sad when a pudding passes, but somehow seems even more poignant when the little one has been ill-treated. We always celebrate the loving time they have here, but somehow you wish you could have had just that bit more time to give them all they deserved to try to make up for the rotten days before. Darling Bach just ran out of life energy. We needed the vet to help him pass, but in full renal failure, heart murmur and more, his little body had no more to give. He was tired and ready. What an absolute poppet he was. Saved by the lovely volunteer Sally at her SPA, where time was ticking for this sad maltreatment case. Yes, we wish we had met you sooner handsome man, but didn’t we have some loving fun here with you at Twilight. Your pudding pals miss shared waddling time around the garden with you. Run free now, no pain or humans to ruin your freedom. Love you Mr Bach.