Don’t you just melt into those eyes? Dear Molly had already been rescued from the streets. We have taken her because one day we too may need our fellow rescuers help. Diana, her rescue mum, must after many years hand over her rescue pups as ill health takes her back to the UK. I feel for her. She has done wonders in Bulgaria, and made a mighty difference. She has done everything to ensure her rescue family have all found homes, almost certainly at the cost of her own health. So, one of the eldest members has come to us. As ever a team is involved, and we thank Krissie and Fran for collecting her from Calais. Diana paid for this cost, and now little Molly is a Twilighter and we will take on all her needs. She had a fabulous weekend with Krissie and Fran, even being taken to the beach what a delicious welcome to France. Now she is making friends at Twilight … and guess what … we love her already xxx