Huge thanks to our supporters at the Hope Association

Today, we want to give a shout out to our dear friends at the Hope Association. For those of you that don’t know, Hope is a fund-raising organisation based in south-west France run entirely by volunteers. It is dedicated to providing donations to support other associations that care for, re-home and foster animals. Whilst nor rescuing, fostering, operating refuges or directly funding veterinary care, Hope focuses on raising money to help those associations that do.  Over the years, Hope has reached new heights with the funds raised, in 2018 donating a massive €200,505 to help animals. This year, the total looks to exceed this. Hope achieves this via the massive three-day bi-annual book fairs held in May and October in Sauzé-Vaussais 79190, and through its network of three charity shops in Ansac sur Vienne 16500, Sauzé-Vaussais 79190 and Eymoutiers 87120.

Over the years, Twilight has been very fortunate to receive financial assistance from our friends at Hope, which has helped us to take in and care for many Twilight Puddings. Taffy would have been conceived at about the same time as Hope … 10 years ago. Dear Dr Taffy, like Hope, has seen many changes in that time. It is therefore both appropriate and very fitting that Taffy should take the stage and thank all the Hope volunteers, past and present for their amazing dedication and contribution to animal welfare. Many woofs of thanks.


Today, Taffy wants to especially also thank the current mighty Hope team. Sadly, Twilight Ma and Pa couldn’t be at the latest book fair in October due to Pa’s ill health. But we have received a very special donation from the Hope team that means our day-to-day vet bills can be met. We thank you deeply, from the very bottom of every paw that passes through the Twilight doors. How blessed is every Twilight pudding, thank you all xxx

And, if you find yourselves in the area of any of Hope’s shops or events, do visit and support their fantastic work. Check out the Hope Association website for more information.