Dear Precious was dumped at Tarbes SPA, where Les Amis took on her plight. About 13 years old and given the size of her poor teats she had been a mum many times. A precious girlie, very sensitive, but loved meeting her new chums. Named by our wonderful Facebook fans following a little fun vote as Precious.

She settled well, but she arrived with kennel cough and it clearly took its toll. For darling Precious, it was a time bomb that exploded over her last few days. The magic injections give false hope, but we know, we see it time and time again here. So naughty foods were the order of the day for 36 hours, yums galore and love like no other. But, sadly her eyes, her energy – we knew. Daddy gave his special love and rainbow passing hug.

She passed over the rainbow bridge, now free. No more being used and abused as a damn puppy mum. No more pain. No more of anything that humans or nature can inflict. Be free our beautiful and very precious Precious. We thank you for coming to us, we thank Les Amis for trusting you with us, we are just sad, as ever, we didn’t meet you sooner. Thank you beautiful girl for being you xxx