This little man quite stole our hearts from the very first. The wonderful Les Amis had saved him, and sorted his horrid mange. We thank them for entrusting the fragile precious bundle to us. What a character. He loved his too short a life here. He was a little love bug in every sense. We helped keep his skin soft and treated. He was a tinker for his food and others’, but he did learn to stay at his own bowl! His one eye saw the world, and his tail always wagged. Caesar treated his skin sores with loving cuddles and licks. Sadly, his last few weeks saw his immune system plummet again, he had trouble peeing. Antibiotics stopped the bleeding, but scans showed stones in his bladder and, very sadly, a tumour. In a younger pud, we could have considered surgery, but our boy was too fragile. His last day was not his best, but we cuddled close. Will love you forever darling Sebastian. What a joy you were. Sorry you didn’t come much sooner, but our 5 months were special, thank you xxx 6/3/2019