Quito’s owner died 20 months before he arrived at Twilight and a French family contacted us to take him … rather than, at 12, being put to sleep. He attached himself to Leeanne from day one, and spent his first year going off to events together and shopping … the sweetest little skip he had and that tail could run electricity on its own!  Then his mind started to struggle and he found outside places stressful, his arthritis and spinal problems needing painkillers, then his sight went … and he needed mummy close all the time.  It became clear that the stress of it all was just getting too much if he wasn’t in one of our arms. So, in mummies arms, and with the help of the vet, our little Quito went to be a free spirit. We have loved you little man, and it has been a sheer joy to have your mighty character here at Twilight.  Feel the love always little fella – be free now xxx