Just six weeks here little Coco … but weren’t they the cuddliest! Daddy fell instantly for you the day auntie Kat brought you from SPA Limoges, where you were very sad and lonely. You were accepted straight into the pack. No one bothered by your sightless eyes, bumping into them and snuggling close, if that is where you chose to lay your head. You loved your little garden wanders, but best of all … snuggling up to daddy who would feed you all sorts of little extras. This last weekend you were struggling a little, and by Tuesday eve it was clear your body had made its choice. As you slipped into a renal failure coma today my poppit, we held you tight and the vet helped you pass over the bridge with dignity. God speed my little curly bundle, we loved your presence here very much xxxx RIP 12.9.2018