Rescued along with several others from an old gypsy camp, this delicious old girl had been chained up and left under a dustbin for cover, terrible skin and very little fur, We were so pleased to help take Didi in, help her recover her beautiful fur, gain weight, sort that limping leg and generally get her mojo back.

She has been a joy, much loved and a great character in the Twilight house.

These last months have seen a change in her. Not easy to define. Something going on in her stomach and maybe her head.

It is with the deepest sadness, with the vets advice …. as I couldn’t make this decision alone …. We have let this beauty pass over the bridge.

Run free darling Didi. Thank you for all you gave to us and taught us. You will be forever loved, mummy xxx❤ OTRB December 2023