All puddings are precious, but the little oldies really do get under your skin, and old Bertie was such a darling. He had been taken to the SPA at Limoges as a retired baiter. He was lucky to then be taken home by a lovely lady who gave him a loving home until she could no more. Fearing he would end his life back in the SPA, we were asked to take him. Well, what a sweet little pickle he was. Auntie A fell for him, and she took him home on our outreach program. This was perfect for Bertie, delightfully incontinent, sleeping more than half a day, but loving his little awake moments and especially loving his chicken. He had the most loving home with Anne, and we thank her deeply for giving this special lad a closer one to one. In his 16th year, and so much slower. He had most pills going, his heart especially was struggling. So, as his lungs didn’t respond to the last treatment to clear them of fluid; it was time to let this beautiful boy go. I joined Anne at the vets, Bertie went peacefully, you could feel him say thank you as he passed.