Sweet Dylan, a wonderful hairy fellow had been with Twilight for years. We took him with old Tumor and two others from death row at Carcassone (in the days before the wonderful Rowan had a no-kill policy at this SPA). He never changed, shaggy to the end, despite some serious shearing sessions! I We called him Dylan because he ‘sang’, and he had such a cheeky look in his eyes. What a joy he has been, never a trouble, and even at the end he didn’t want to be a nuisance. But he was so very tired, barely needing the help from the gentle vet. We could no longer clear the fluid on his lungs … it was his time. Dylan darling friend, you were destined to be the first in the bath of the washroom … but you escaped that fun, so hope you are leaping around and entertaining all your pain-free chums over the Bridge. Bless you, together we forgot all those years you had in the refuge; we will never forget you though xxxx November 2013