On December 11th 2020 it was time to meet Gremlin. Leeanne says, I didn’t go looking for this little handsome hero, but 18 months ago I did make a promise to his mum. And, whilst earlier than we all thought, it is time to fulfil that promise.

Meet Gremlin. DNA shows he is half French bulldog and half Yorkshire terrier. He was found one night 8 odd years ago by a lovely lady, Irene, who is a long time Twilight supporter. Time proved him without family so she adopted him. Then, years later, imagine … going to bed on four legs and waking up with only two working in the morning! The long and short, urgent surgery and scans. The French bulldog half of him owns his back, of which three vertebrae crushed and nerve damage has him paralysed from the belly down. He is, of course, double incontinent and three years on, now 9, his front legs and strong little shoulders serve him well. He uses drag bags, wheels and is happy when nappies are needed. A little help to toilet avoids infections, and sometimes a little help to turn those tricky corners or cope with obstacles.

Honestly, we weren’t quite ready for another paraplegic, but we love him and he is family Twilight already. Very welcome Gremlin, and thank you Irene for all you have done for him. You rescued him twice, and now you are unable to care for his needs as you would like, you have found him his new family. He is very lucky to have you, from him …. thank you. Xxx