It’s time to meet another newbie – unexpected but welcome, Eric!

Little Eric was originally called Vaso, but Mike took one look at him and said ‘we have a new little Eric in the house’ and so it has stuck. Yes, I know I said we were full and, yes, you would be right in thinking I didn’t feel that we needed another paraplegic in pud land just now (only because we only have so many hours in a day – and night – to care), and I do try to keep our overseas puds to a smaller percentage. Why? well, we are a French Asso and just now all the refuges are struggling and full.

But, Eric, who is just one year old, and from Bosnia hasn’t been able to find a place called home. So when Yvonne of Phoebe’s Rescue asked if we would help, I tried to think no, but the lad had me.

Eric is a little live wire. He wants love. And he needs special care with his open wounds. This takes us back to needing special dressings, and we shall give him time as we assess his needs. In just two days  we were all hooked. Welcome young man, me thinks we have one big life’s journey ahead of us.