A little while ago we heard of a horrid story and grim reality of 40 hounds (those that were left alive), being rescued with the help of wonderful Hope and SPA Limoges. So much trauma for so many souls. One poor lass was in even worse condition and needed back leg amputation and eye removal. So, it was time to help this lady rehab.

Just recently arrived at the end of August, we are pleased to introduce you to the beautiful Flopsy. She has horrendous hound ear trouble. The SPA have done wonders, but surgery may be needed. Currently we have her on ear treatment and antibiotics as she has a slight temperature. She is six and quite strong when she gets going. On arrival poor Flopsy was deeply scared of humans, not surprising given all she has been through. But within a few days she began exploring the house, and enjoying the company of her fellow puds and a few gentle cuddles. Let’s hope love shows her the way xxx