We have the greatest pleasure, and deeply touched hearts to introduce you to Luke.

This incredibly handsome man is very tired, shocked, certainly with chronic issues and just needs some love and a chance. He is only 7, still entire (yes, those bits will need to come off), has skin issues, going to need bloods as malnourished. He has been run over by a car and has absolutely no use of his back right leg and his left back is weak and damaged.

Yes, it is a deeply sad case. Handed in to a vet, then to the SPA of Mornac. He was called Lucky. Bit ironic really. The wonderful Verity and Spencer took him in, otherwise his only option was euthanasia. Asking our thoughts, we were, of course, happy to offer what help we might be able to give.

We thank Hope for support of this lad, but also reach out to anyone who feels they want to help him financially. You are home Luke, you can recover at your own pace. So glad we had sausages in to welcome you.

As a foot note for Luke, in case anyone wonders why we bother. This lad shows every sign of wanting to live and he deserves that chance xxx