Sweet Emily arrived just before Christmas 2014. Painfully thin, feet rotting from standing in her own urine, tied to a tree, just left. Yes, it was a grim story, but she was found by a young man who bothered to seek us out, for which we will all be forever grateful. She survived that first and critical week. We were able to treat her with antibiotics and feed her up. De wormed, fleas and all sorts … Only soon to find she had a rotten old uterus that needed removing. The vet didn’t think she would wake from the op, but she did, and what’s more gained 12 kilos whilst here, and her tail never stopped wagging. She played, ate, sunbathed and snugged on the settee with her friends. She loved and was loved by us all. Then, sadly, we lost her battle. Rest now lovely one, and hope you have given that Basil a nose rub from mummy xxx Night night Emily 3.7.2015