Cannelle & ‘Appy

We get so many requests for a place here at Twilight and we cannot (very sadly) take them all. Due to the family circumstances they come with nothing, sad refugees of divorce and no money. Meet Cannelle and ‘Appy! Both females. Cannelle is mum, 12 years old, and a shitzu (probably) probably n’est pas, and now known as the curly one. ‘Appy, her 9 year old offspring(long haired) and definitely a chihuahua cross with that nose! Both had lived all their lives with their former family. Leeanne collected them both. Eyes a real sticky mess. Hair, yes, lots. Poor human mum in tears. Such is the resilience of puddings. They were good all the journey home. They followed Leeanne everywhere for 12 hours and then learnt that daddy sits a lot and cuddles are pretty much 24/7. They eat, they wag those tiny tiny tails. They are home and happy. Welcome both, we love you xxxx