Dearest little Cannelle, Mum to pretty little Appy. I remember the day I collected them both from a very tearful lady who had separated from hubby, and her new flat would not allow little ones. Shiatsu, poodle crosses, these two little pixies fitted in well to Twilight life. Happy, fun and soon part of the furniture.

But as the years went by, Cannelle no longer recognised her daughter, who joined outreach mum Wendy and is living the life of a princess. Cannelle soon started to suffer dementia, and her last year was very much in her own world, and she also lost her sight in the last three to four months, which she didn’t enjoy at all.

She would want to be close, sitting with us or sleeping with us. She needed to be kept by her food at feeding times, or she would just wander away and forget to eat. Any visitors and she would be on their lap. She was a little poppit. Much loved, small and with a big character. All but 18 years old, and now at peace and free to be.

We will miss you Cannelle, thank you for you and your wonderful memories xxx