Just short of 4 years ago this princess was entrusted to our care. Mornac SPA had yet another unwanted dumped on them, nasty tumours needing urgently removing, which bless the SPA, they did. Gladys needed time, love and care to fill those scraggy bones, to get well and strong, and forget whatever past she had had. She was 12 even then. Daddy fell instantly for the precious beautiful girl. We have all had a ball. Healthy, running, loving times. Gladys has been slowing down awhile now. Sight lost, hearing and then her sense of smell. These last stages of sense loss can be frightening, and she was becoming troubled. We gave her all the comfort we could. We kept her clean as her toileting was becoming erratic … but Saturday morning it failed her completely. As did her legs. Her time had come. We never get used to these moments. The decision is made in front of you, you know. The vet confirms, you have tried and given all that there is. It is time for the last kindness. Gladys was all but 16 years old. Daddy held her close. She slept quickly, he cried. The vet held his hand. Gladys will come home. She was an extra special Twilighter. Run free now precious girl and thank you xxxx