Alice was apparently the grandma to our handsome Caesar and Chloë. All three of them had the very worst life, and had been taken into the care of Saints SPA. They were all so ill-treated that they could not stand for fear of having been kept in that position for so long; it was a most damaged situation. We took all three. Darling Alice never was one to be at the forefront. She asked for nothing, she was the beautiful silent type. She had an abdominal tumour for a long time, but it never caused her a problem as such. But in her last three days she began to show discomfort and behave in a most uncharacteristic way. Then, her breathing became impaired and her stomach just grew too quickly. A swift vet visit diagnosed that her tumour was leaking into her abdominal area and pushing the diaphragm, causing her respiratory difficulties. Thankfully, this was stopped in time before she suffered. She passed peacefully in Mummy’s arms, with kisses from her little ones.