Our biggest lump of love, darling Brigand finally relaxed and has been taken over the Rainbow Bridge. Can’t believe it was only short of 20 months ago he arrived. His tearful elderly owner just couldn’t cope with this stressed blind lad anymore, so it was tears all round. But Brigand settled to his new life rather well. Loved his exploration around the garden, snugged with many of his canine chums, and just adored loving and cuddles with any human prepared to put their arms around his delicious fatty lump. He often danced and sang with joy, he loved those moments so very much. But, that inner stress that had caused his blindness … that missing part of him was always something to manage. Spells of unrecognised fear, unscheduled outbursts a deep rooted part of this handsome boy’s make up. Especially as his hearing was failing him, and his sense of smell weakening. They had become more of late, but he was well over 13. Also, his hips were needing pain management and his rear legs were losing the ability to hold him with confidence. With close monitoring with the vet, we all agreed to give the lad his peace, his freedom of any angst and pain. He passed lovingly in mummy’s arms. Love you big boy …. you became part of Twilight, how blessed have we been to know you. What a brave and stoic lad you were, be free now xxx RIP 25.8.2018