Dear Nico hasn’t been with us very long, love him, 14 years old and losing his mistress was clearly a very sad loss for him. Blind and not so strong with his hearing he has done so well here. But the lad could feel the pain, clearly in his legs and his heart.

We knew his time was close. But I must share the day before he died. He managed to get himself up and out of his bed all by himself and perhaps not aware I was watching. He went over to Mike and nudged his leg. Then lifted his paw onto Mikes knee. This display of affection was clearly his very last strength. I lifted him onto Mikes lap where he stayed for several hours. At bedtime I popped him back into his bed …. Here he slept until he passed with the vets help. He was so very ready and tired.

What a precious old man. Thank you Debbie for entrusting him to our care for his last days full of love.

Run free with life over the rainbow in colour dear old friend.

Thank you for you xxx❤