Darling Caesar
Dear sweet boy. How long have you been here? Years. How old were you? We will never know for sure …. But very old. Quite the most horrid early life, and thanks to Saintes SPA and Kate, you, your sister and mum were rescued and we were honoured to take you all in. None of you could stand, throats damaged from the chains, the maltreatment was horrific.
Time and love. My goodness what a lovely fella you have been. Gentle, loving, caring and a shear joy to have around. This last six months you lost weight, we never got to the bottom of it, but you remained your incredible strong self. Loving your food and life and all around you. Still caring for those you shared your bed with.

We didn’t know it would be your last day until you collapsed, perhaps a small stroke. Daddy loved you while I got the car. The vet gave you that last help over the bridge, but only after one more sausage from mum.

Thank you for you Caesar. Run free with your mum again, and auntie Jean (of the sausage rolls) who loved you so much too. A pudding who was so very special and will always be in our hearts. Love you little man. Xxxx