Dear Willy, an old, blind patous, was one of five Patous rescued from a sad and desperate situation of a dead owner of three days found in his garden, and the dogs likely left uncared for at least two years. The wonderful Les Amis were immediately involved, with the immediate and urgent care taken on by loving foster mum Sandy. Will was malnourished, with loss of fur and blind.

Will arrived safely at Twilight and was keen immediately to sniff out his surroundings and make energy contact with his new family. Despite his sight loss, which he is clearly very used to, he has mapped his new home very quickly. He prefers outside, and wags that mighty tail whenever his name is called and loves his food.

The big man will obviously be monitored for his health, as well as possibly removing his chaps, as he is entire. We welcome you home gentle giant, and we hope to dispel the less pleasant aspects of your past you have had to endure. We thank Les Amis for entrusting us with this special soul. We think we are going to have some fun stories ahead.