Dumped in our nearby village and picked up by the Mairie, ‘Jac’, a beautiful female hound, was originally estimated to be 14 years old. She had no chip and was covered in external lumps and bumps and at least one needed surgery to be taken off quite quickly.

When the Mairie van arrived, she just stood in the corner of the van. I crawled in and carried her home. She had given up hope I think, poor love. She went straight into a bed, let Bear sniff her, wagged her tail as I gave her her first sausage. My heart absolutely lost in those eyes.

As time went by, Jac turned out to be a bit of a minx. We loved her the same though. She loved a wander, and could climb all our fences, no matter how high we built them. Turns out she was only around three or four years old. She needed a more active home than dear old twilight. Luckily, Jac secured herself a place on the Happy Bus to Germany, thanks to one of our dear friends who works with SPAs and rescues in France to rehome dogs in her native country.

Dear Jac now has a wonderful life, walks in woods and lots of stimulating activity with her new mum, Mo. She’s still under the twilight wing as an Outreach Pud and we look forward to her updates and photos.