Our first Ukraine refugee. This little scrap of a terrier is without all his fur, he is blind, arthritic, not the best hearing, about 11 years old and a mixed bundle of nervous energy.

He arrived in a coat. I imagine someone must have put on him as they had to leave him to fend for himself. I can’t help but cry when I hold him … to think of his family and such a situation.

He didn’t want to rest, he just wanted to go around the house and garden and find his new environment out by nose. He has eaten well, and his high-energy little body is either on the go or asleep!

We have, perhaps fortunately, found he doesn’t tolerate uncastrated males! He also has little tolerance for any pud too interested in him. So it is likely we will need to find him an outreach home where these issues do not arrive. (Could that be you?)

We didn’t think he has hung onto the past, until a military jet flew over and he stopped in his tracks and went down. Heartbreaking. You are safe now little fella, and all will be well xxxx