Rescue Days

Some thoughts from Leeanne about rescue days

At the end of the month it’s time for a spot of reflection. Sadly, we average six requests a week that we have to say “no” to. This is indeed the hardest word to say. But this last month, on one single day, we had 11 requests! Just how sad is tha? Those poor puds out there. But here is the rub. Pushed (by myself really), I looked into three of them, and offered one an outreach family and the other two to come here.

Now, friends of long-standing will know I prefer pud time to admin, but needs must. But, the outreach family was rejected. Fair enough, it clearly wasn’t so urgent after all. However, for the two to come here: I write, I ask questions, I get no response. I gently nudge and suggest that they must have found a home otherwise so I will close the request …nothing. No response. This happens so often now.

I think as there are more options for people to write to, they hold out for their preference – is that why? Sometimes the easier option? I don’t know. What I do know is that whilst I have a possible pudding in negotiations to come I have to close my mind to others.  I know this happens to other homes, we often all talk to each other, so we see what is going on. The solution? A national rescue admin centre. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!

Folks often ask me how the dogs get to come here to Twilight. Well, there are as many reasons as there are situations: dog has been abandoned;  dog is now incontinent and no longer wanted; there is a baby coming; owner has died; owner gone into a home or hospital, unlikely to return home; old dog doesn’t get on with their new puppy; the dog has bitten (they don’t tell you that …); moving to a new home that either isn’t suitable or doesn’t allow dogs; the dog has started barking with anxiety,  gone blind, lost a limb … And so the list goes on.

It is not our place to make judgments, we just look at the Pud’s needs and if we feel they will fit into our pack life. Currently, I am keeping numbers down, averaging around 25 in the house at the moment, with Mike unwell and me not firing on full cylinders, I can cope with this. Outreach is now 19 Puds, and this is marvellous but can be expensive too, as the vets are used more than perhaps I would here at home. But that is just fine, all the while we have support, we can do this.

Overseas disabled dogs we absolutely adore, but have had one waiting for clearance for nearly a year now with her bloods. She will be the last for a while as we have our percentage of overseas puddings just now. We have two on our waiting list and we always try to keep a space for an absolute urgent on death’s door. We also are on 10 people’s lists in the event they die or are unwell, for their puds to come here. They would come straight in.

So yes, please ask for a space, but just like everyone in the rescue world, it’s a brutal situation for availability. It is quite literally dead puds’ paws. So, Twilight, your old and disabled home. Old now has to be over 12 really. Terminally sick or disabled physically or mentally and needing extra care. But there will always be that one that doesn’t meet any criteria but needs a Twilight touch!

I conclude this drivel with deep appreciation of all our fellow rescuers out there. It is the greatest thing all of us have likely ever done …. But my goodness it can be hard work and heartbreaking. Let’s all hold on tight together and just do the best we can. Together we can do anything xxxx