Welcome Home the outreach boys: Mozart and Dankeur

Twilight Outreach, when special Puddings go off to live ‘normal’ family lives with the full support – financial and emotional – of Twilight is an important aspect of Twilight’s work. It enables us to look after more dogs at home, Chez Twilight, and can help those dogs who find life in the Pudding Pack a little too much. However, we are always there, in the background, for those times when life just doesn’t go to plan and when our outreach families need a little help.

Long-time supporters will recall dear old Mozart from Romania and Dankeur (Thank you!) from the south of France. Well, they have been having a fabulous time over the last few years with their outreach daddy Philip. Sadly though, daddy needs surgery and is struggling to cope, so the boys are back home for an unspecified time. Both are now very old, big, hairy, doubly incontinent and we suspect troubled with their livers. Dankeur is also a very highly strung lad, so cuddles galore are a must. You are both very welcome home, and we wish your daddy a speedy and successful recovery.

Mozart, as many know, is a very, very special Twilighter aged nearly 17 years old now. He’s an ex-street dog from Eastern Europe and is just loving his life now. Yes, of course, he has aches and pains that need meds but he still has a HUGE appetite for tasty soft food (the teeth Dr Christian removed several years ago have not stopped his need for croquettes moistened, too). The wonderful Dankeur is an ex Les Amis des Animaux soul who took over life with Mozart after Memere (also an ex Les Amis des Animaux girl) went over the bridge.

These two newbies coming back is a reminder that none of us know what is around the corner. Whilst we are always happy to welcome our outreach puddings back into the fold, we remember that over the years many dogs have come to us because their previous owners have sadly passed on, become sick or gone into care and can no longer look after their furbabies. Our lives are fragile and we must be aware that all of us dog parents need to have our own puddings covered if we get ill or die. Thanks to our wonderful supporters and sponsors, Mozart and Dankeur will remain loved and cared for at Twilight until they can be reunited with their daddy.

Enjoying Twilight life