The Twilight Outreach Puds

At any one time there can be anything from 22 to over 30 Puddings living a family life, complete with sofas and TV, in the Twilight household. But, did you know, that in addition to this, we also support a number of dogs in Twilight Outreach. This is an important aspect of Twilight’s work, and currently we have seventeen lovely puds under our wing, all living with loving families.

The current team comprises Reilly, Mia, Amber, Leia & Melodie, Mozart & Dankeur, Miami, Fern, Monty, Vanae, Arthur, Hollie, Norman & Scooby, Ted and Chipie.

Sometimes a special Twilight supporter falls in love with a pud, sometimes a dog doesn’t settle too well in our large pack and prefers the quieter life of a smaller family. There are many ways in which our Twilight Outreach dogs find their special humans, and occasionally they even find fellow outreachers living there, too. Twilight Outreach covers the extra costs that are involved in giving an older or disabled the very best care, from heart pills to special orthopaedic beds, vet bills to special diets.

The outreach dogs have great lives, and we always enjoy hearing about their new adventures. Two of our latest recruits, Monty (formerly Malt) and Chipie recently got in touch with their stories.

Malt settled well in to the Twilight pack, but we had a lovely older couple who were looking to join our outreach programme. One day, they called in and met Malty. It was no doubt a love match at first sight. But being cautious, our couple ‘borrowed’ him, and tried out the car, the neighbours, the cat etc. All was well, and Malt became Monty, and an incredibly happy dog, too. He has found his ideal mum and dad. He’s planning to travel to the UK and enjoy Cornish beaches, so we had his rabies vacs sorted. We keep in regular touch, and are thrilled he is in our own village, so this does in fact make him pretty much our closest outreach!

Remember Miss Chipie, she came to Twilight at the age of twelve, when her human became too ill to care for her. Well, almost immediately we received a lovely message from Anna Louise who has had Jack Russells for over twenty years. They have a one year old now and their darling 16 year old had just passed away. They wondered if Miss Chipie would like to go into Outreach and live with them and Milly.  So, they drove down to pick her up to see how life would be together. All went really well Miss Chipie is soooo loving living with them.  Says Anna, “She’s in great health and on fine form. Loves her morning walks and searching for creatures in the fields. She has fantastic hearing and can find a spider in the next room! She’s always got boundless energy and makes us laugh with her energy and love of life.” In September, Miss Chipie even went kayaking!

Thanks to all our wonderful outreach team for welcoming the Twilight Outreach Puds into their homes.