The Wonderful Twilight Vets

Twilight just wouldn’t be able to function as well as it does, and help so many old, sick and disabled dogs, without the support of the wonderful vets in Châlus. Over the last ten they have built up a strong professional friendship with Twilight. You can read more about this special part of Team Twilight in the biography Paws Before Bedtime (we still have copies available, only €15 – send us an email 😊 ). Meanwhile, in this excerpt, Leeanne remembers her first meeting with Dr Christian Couartou of the Cabinet Vétérinaire des Asphodeles, Châlus.

It was purely the chemistry with Christian. I walked in that day, he looked up and smiled, and I said in my best French: ‘I’m a mad blonde English woman with quite a few old dogs and I want the best price possible, with people that we can work with.’ And he said something funny back, and we giggled. Then, I sat and chatted to him for a bit to say what we were doing, and I liked the way that he went from funny to very caring. I felt that I could talk to Christian and that was important because we already knew that we were going to need support. We needed it to be a team effort. We’d already had serious operations, and dogs that we knew were going to die. We’ve not looked back.

Leeanne, commenting in Paws Before Bedtime

Although Twilight are regular visitors to the Châlus surgery, from time to time one of the vets pops into Chez Twilight to hold a clinic at home. Earlier this month, the wonderful vets made their first visit for 2020 to Twilight. We had twelve for a formal check-up, and then they just had a peek at the other puds.

We started with Gabana. Her fits are sadly becoming more frequent. So upped meds. Caesar. Our lovely little man has an annoying wart that he is nibbling and it is bleeding. He will have it removed next week. Nala: he was thrilled with her stump recovery, but we just have to prolong some antibiotics due to a strong urine infection.

Bert – those poor ears. We just have to keep doing our best x Cannelle, her sight now all gone bar light. Hence, the increased anxiety when in certain situations. Different eye drops to avoid drying out. Ben had his stitches out, and the vet was delighted post lump removal. Versailles, dear Versailles. He is such a little mess, and has done so well to settle. But his reoccurring limp has troubled us. Sadly it is confirmed his foot has been broken and the scar tissue is causing some pain. So pain relief for our lad.

Newbies for once overs: Winnie – all good and delighted with him. Ulysse: delighted how he is managed on his three legs, pain relief when necessary. Pearl is not too good sadly, and we are going to need to take her in for an échographie and x-rays as there’s something is wrong with her back or tummy. Petra, although down as 11, he thinks she is much older. Her heart is not good, and she has an unusual lethargy. Going to try on heart meds and do some blood tests. Then, to check for an outreach pud, our vet liaised with another vet about the possible need for surgery.

Phew! then a full wander around and a check on all the other puds, and finishing off in the field to vaccinate the alpacas and goats. Very well done and thank you, Vet Christian, how blessed are we.