Of course, we do not have favourite breeds … but we did once, and it was Golden Retrievers … and look who has turned up at Twilight. This handsome old chap … nearly 10 years old, is the absolute spitting image of our old Kizzy  – uncanny. Rescue friend Veronique sort our help on this one, and we were delighted to be able to have room for this handsome chap. Needed to have his bits seen to immediately as he was joining us entire, but he hasn’t minded at all, bless him! Seems he has had a grim life to date, unloved by a farmer, left in a darken barn … ran off several times and eventually was found in a critical condition … but thanks to Emmanuel, he found life again.  Only briefly though, as his new owner took ill and he was back in a darkened room.  Poor poppit.  Well, that is old news now, this goldie has found his paws again, and we just adore him. Welcome fella, a golden Twilighter xxx