In June 2019, our darling big black fluff ball Beauty took her wings to the rainbow bridge. After 18 months of love we have all shared and her singing, quite second to none. She came through Association Orfee from Romania: street dog to settee girly. She came with a mammary tumour too large even then to operate on, but it didn’t bother her, except for the weight of it sometimes. She was just one big happy lump. She found her places, and just exuded happiness to be in amongst friends, love, regular food and fellow singers! She was on pain killers for some time, for the arthritis in her back legs, and clearly something else going on. Following scans, we found the cancer was everywhere, so whilst she was under the anaesthetic we took the decision. So many kisses, so much love. Thank you Beauty, for sharing your love, and teaching us all that is important in this life is simple and just sharing each other.