Saved by Jelena in Serbia, chained to the roadside eating only what was dumped by the dustbin.  What a mess she looked. She made it to Twilight , but all too soon it was clear her life wouldn’t be long.  The tumour in her stomach, but more so, the tumours that were filling her lungs. Wonderful vet care, steroids, pain killers and anti-inflamms, she was so much more comfortable.  She enjoyed the freedom, the love, the grass, her food, such a precious girl, and those eyes. She passed in her daddy’s arms with the vet’s help, having so much love from so many.  The mass in her lungs was almost complete but also she had masses that had grown from the abdomen up … she had no chance at all at the end. We feel so blessed to have shared some of your life lovely girl. You will never be forgotten, just sorry that mankind gave you such a hard time for the greater part of your life.  Love you xxx