The gorgeous Vera from Sainte SPA was dumped there just over three years ago. Sadly, due to lumpy mammary tumours and a full house she would have not survived many days there. We just happened to be passing! Like you do, and we saw fate guide the frail and stick thin lady our way. What a wonderful three years. Happy, a much loved fellow pudding. Never asked for anything, our easy going princess. She was long urine incontinent, but just needed regular washes. Her heart also weak for some time, but of late it took all her energy to be awake long enough to eat, bless her. At the end, her legs just too weak to hold her. She was so very tired. She passed quickly, and the relief she felt was tangible. Rest now dearest Vera, what a joy you have been. 16 years old, and always beautiful xxx 30.07.2018