As you know, Twilight takes old and disabled dogs but sometimes we take younger dogs that have had their troubles and just need time. Darling Daisy was from the horrid Hell House pack. She was just a beauty on so many levels. But sometimes – and it is rare – a dog will have a very small but significant part of their brain that just cannot adapt.

Having to make the decision to put Daisy down was not reached lightly. You don’t need all the gruelling details. I just hope that you can trust ourselves, our vet and two significant members of Daisy’s love team.

I should perhaps have told you straight away … I didn’t. For the only reason that it hurt. Sometimes even we need some space.

Now, perhaps an another important disappointment in all this is that a couple of people have chosen to start unnecessary rumours about this situation. How disappointed am I in the human desire for making trouble? We can narrow this down to just a couple of people … No drama, just sad isn’t it?

Back to who matters. For those who believe, Daisy has come back to Twilight, so she knows how loved she was. She will always be part of our family. Be free darling lady. How precious a pudding were you. xxx