It’s time to meet Daisy

This year has seen some very sad maltreatment cases coming into Twilight, and Daisy is no exception. Those of you who follow Miss Marple will remember the ‘hell house’. A house covered in faeces and urine, both canine and human, dead animals and years of decay. We will not be showing the photos. Daisy is from there.

She was with pup when found, and thankfully rescued in time to deliver her babies and be a fabulous mum. But it was clear she was deeply affected. Skittish in behaviour and severe anxiety, obviously not house trained, and broken in many ways.

So why Twilight? Well, albeit we are normally old or disabled, and she is only six years old, we are home 24/7, we have a large canine pack and we have lots of mops and buckets and time for cuddles.

We are very happy to try and help her. She is beautiful. You can feel her insecurities seeping from her deep and stunning eyes, you can feel her need for love. She made our hearts ache instantly.

Darling Daisy, you are most welcome to Twilight land. Miss Marple thank you for entrusting us with this precious soul.