Hero, a 10 year old hound was abandoned at a refuge with the grimmest of ears, a grim set of lungs and 11 kilos under weight. Association Les Amis whisked him to a foster home. Then, as a birthday pressie to our Spencer, we agreed with Les Amis, if he survived, as he was very poorly and low, we would be happy to take him. So, this handsome chappie joined the Twilight Pudding Pack. Sadly dear Hero was only with us for a few months. But it underlines what could have happened at the back of a refuge kennel. A tumour developed, grew and eventually the internal bleeding was too great for vets to save him. It was all so quick. He could have died a very lonely painful death. The morale from Hero … let’s get those oldies out of the shelters and loved, even for a few months. Thank you Les Amis for entrusting the special lad to us. Sorry Spencer you birthday gift didn’t live for longer. Hero, we will forever remember you, for your love of dentasticks, those long legs that reached places only humans should go, and for you … your character, your love. Be free now my man, nothing can hold you back now. Xxxx