Dear old Beagly, aka Clafoutis. So sorry, her body could take no more. Dear Beagly came from Mornac. Brain tumour and epilepsy and a fist full of meds. The meds we changed with our vet after a short time, as things were not looking comfy for our friend. Then, another call out as we were still not happy. First thing, the sun came out briefly as if just for you, Beagly. You sat curled, and at peace, albeit for just a little while. Sadly, then, the tumour, the fits were all one and constant, it was heart breaking to see. We rushed her to the vet. It was probably the worst pre-rainbow bridge crossing I have had to be a part of. But now you are at peace my little love. You taught us a lot in a short time my little friend. Bless you, and may your freedom now give your body no pain. Our love always little Beagly xxxx