It’s been a while … an update on life at Twilight

It’s been a while since we published a blog post, but rest assured, the wheels of Twilight have continued to turn. Updating the files for the current Twilight Pud Pack and, sadly, the Rainbow Bridge, it seemed an opportune time to write a few words. At present, at home at Twilight, we have twenty-five Puds, including three very new recruits. We also have eight Puds in fully supported Outreach homes.

Little Elena’s news

Some Puds are more needy than others, and in particular we have had a tough time with dear little Elena. Earlier this year, she had to have her rear legs amputated due to infection. Happily, she is now on the road to recovery and is getting around the house and the garden with her drag bag or enjoying some rest and play in one of her several pens, especially with her playmate Roo.

Our new recruits: Jac, Chris and Dillon

New puds at Twilight are like buses. Either we have a quiet time or, like now, they just keep arriving! Sadly, dear Belle was with only a few short weeks in February, before she left to go over the Rainbow Bridge. We’d also lost Cannelle too, so had some room at the Inn! This was quickly filled by dear little Chris, a shitzu and our wonderful spotty dog, Dillon. However, it wasn’t time to hang up the “full up” sign yet, as we had a call from our local Mairie that a stray elderly dog had been dumped in the village, and could we help? Well, of course. So, welcome to Twilight the delightful Jac. A hunting hound breed, Jac is a little minx, and has evaded our escape-proof fencing on more than once occasion. The Puds do like to keep us on our toes!

Twilight’s response to world events

Twilight has always been led by Leeanne and Mike’s philosophy: non-judgmental, peaceful and always looking to the positive. As our friends and followers you have embraced the puddings and we have moved through the years together in a caring harmony and shared love of the puds. Many of our less fortunate puds have come from Eastern Europe, a special breed of dogs with eyes to make you melt and often injuries that break your heart. We have been blessed to know them, and currently have Madge, Elena and Winnie with us.

Now even our calm healing love has been tested. The madness of the war, the pain and suffering being caused senselessly in Ukraine has got to us. In this currently horrendous world, we are all doing what we can, how we can. We are getting so many contacts, that we just want to put out a small note. Here at, Twilight, in our home (Leeanne and Mike), we have offered accommodation for two or three humans and five or six dogs, in our volunteer caravan accommodation and private garden. We are liaising with the Mairie and the Prefecture, and will do all we can to help.

We will respond to all requests coming in, but many at the moment are just for dogs alone and we must also continue the balance of needs here in France too. We need to be sensible. We can’t cope alone with too many more dogs; it wouldn’t be fair on the Puds if we couldn’t care for them properly. So, if you feel you want to be an outreach for a disabled or old dog do contact Leeanne by email. The world has turned on its head. It is time to step up to what we can all do, as together it will come right again. Thank you for caring xxx