Twilight welcomes some furry friends from Ukraine

Anyone who follows the news cannot help but be moved by the dreadful situation in Ukraine. As we wrote in our last blog post, Leeanne and Mike have offered accommodation for two or three humans and five or six dogs. At Twilight HQ, Leeanne and volunteers have been busy preparing the long list of requirements issued by the Mairie, to ensure that any refugees have the best welcome possible in these tragic circumstances. However, there is a desperate need to support the thousands of dogs, cats and other animals that have been left behind, are struck in shelters, or have been evacuated by welfare organisations. Numerous organisations and associations are involved, from the international efforts of the likes of the IFAW and Viva! to smaller charities and individual efforts. Here, in our area of France, one of our fellow associations Jane Marple’s Blind Fur Kids, was so moved by the plight of refuges and rescuers in Ukraine, that they decided to  mount a rescue bid. (You can read more about Miss Marple on this Facebook page.) Here, at Twilight, we were delighted to welcome three new Puds to the pack.

Time to share some Ukraine love

The story is long, and there are so many people to thank, but we just want to share the essence. A woman called Ines, in Korosten, a Ukrainian city, picked up dogs as folks started to flee. When she got to 29 dogs and 6 cats, she knew she needed to leave too, but took them all with her. She headed for the Polish border. Obviously, by then she had reached out for help. This plea reached rescue folks in Poland and abroad and our own Miss Marple became involved.

The end result was that other rescuers needed to cross the border to help Ines. They got her safely to Poland, amazing vets and kennels helped, mighty Miss Marple sorted paperwork, and our friends at the Hope Association stepped in with finances. Then, the journey to France began. There’s an amazing side story of local volunteers in the Charente pitching in to clear some old chasse kennels ready to welcome the new arrivals.

Here at Twilight we knew two on board were coming here so our Terry was there for the last leg of their journey from Hope 79 car park and brought them home. Really, everyone involved in this amazing rescue must be applauded for a remarkable effort in the most incredible of circumstances.

Now to meet our first little refugee – Munchkin

This little scrap of a terrier is without all his fur, he is blind, arthritic, not the best hearing, about 11 years old and a mixed bundle of nervous energy. He arrived in a coat (on Miss Marple’s video you can see he was wearing it when rescued). Leeanne says, “I imagine someone must have put it on him as they had to leave him to fend for himself. I can’t help but cry when I hold him, to think of his family and such a situation.”

When Munchkin first arrived, he didn’t want to rest, he just wanted to go around the house and garden and find his new environment out by nose. He ate well, and his high-energy little body is either on the go or asleep! We have, perhaps fortunately, found he doesn’t tolerate uncastrated males! He also has little tolerance for any pud too interested in him. So it is likely we will need to find him an outreach home where these issues do not arrive. (Could that be you?) We didn’t think he has hung onto the past, until a military jet flew over and he stopped in his tracks and went down. Heart breaking. You are safe now little fella, and all will be well

And now to meet Poppy

Says Leeanne, “Oh, long-time supporters, she has the face of my Holly. My heart melted.

She came straight in, under a table to a bed and stayed there. Desperate for a drink, but that was it for 24 hours. She didn’t move. She slept, she watched. Then she sat up a little when I went to her. Looked me deep in the eyes, you could feel the pain. We loved; she shook. But she ate a little. And so we have grown.

Within a day or two she had been out in the garden, wagged that beautiful tail. Said hello to her new dad. Slowly accepting the welcome of her new pack. She is aware, nervous but learning she is safe. We shall take each day, and we shall love deeply each cuddle. So blessed that you are here.

And then came Zulka

After a few more days, we gained ourselves  a third very special Ukraine oldie. Again from the wonderful group Miss Marple recently rescued. Zulka, the name given to her, suits her beautifully.

She is thought to be around 13/14 years old. She arrived safely to us here at Twilight thanks to the wonderful Steve bringing her from the safe 79 kennels. One her first day she enjoyed a cuddle with her mum and daddy, a quiet night and settling in with a full tummy and cheese. Zulka has turned out to be a bit of a daddy’s girl. Here you can she is keeping watch over Mike as he tries to get some shut eye!

After a few days, settling in to Twilight life

Coming up: our “Yellow & Blue Flash Mini Auction”

We’ve received some generous donations to support our new Puds, for which we are very grateful. To raise some extra funds, we’ve decided to run one of our popular online auctions over on our Facebook fundraising group: Twilight Chiens Fundraising Group. Starting at 10am on Saturday 9 April and running until 6 pm Sunday 10 April, we have a small collection of unique lots, all themed in yellow and blue. Join us over on Facebook to find out more!