New Year Message from Twilight 2022

Another year passes, and we can only look at how blessed we have been. The world seems in torment on so many levels, but in our little world we have been able to carry on our very tiny but heart felt part in the world of Puds’ rescue.

A year of small and steady fundraising, but it has kept us going. A handful of most precious friends and volunteers whose care and physical support has lifted us and let us feel on top of the daily work. And those that support, monthly, annually or just as passers-by, make every difference. Then the incredible association shops full of volunteers and regular shoppers, which have been able to support us to varying degrees, have given us that added ongoing confidence that we are believed in with what we do. Mike and I really couldn’t do what we do without each and every one of you all, thank you for your trust in the older and disabled puddings able to share and end their lives in our home.

Eighteen beautiful souls have parted from us here and crossed the rainbow bridge. Each one takes a part of our heart, each one teaches us something new, and several have hurt harder this year as they had become deepest friends. We will remember them with the other 360 plus Puds who have crossed over before. The Twilight Bridge oozes with love.

As the new year begins, we wish all of you, our extended Twilight family, a most peaceful New Year 2022, filled with love and kindness, and the ability to keep safe and have good health. We hope you will stay close and share our Puddings’ journeys with us.

Mike and I wish you all every happiness in 2022 and thank you for being part of our lives.