Twilight Outreach update report

Outreach is an important part of our work. Supporting Puds to live in foster families enables us to take in more dogs here at Twilight. Sometimes the cost of caring for an older dog can be considerable and may discourage folk from taking on the care of an older pud. So, Twilight Outreach covers the extra costs that are involved in giving an older or disabled dog the very best care, from heart pills to special orthopaedic beds, vet bills to special diets. At the present time we’ve got twelve Puds fostered in Twilight Outreach, and you can catch up on all their stories on the Outreach Puds’ Page.

Our most recent recruit to outreach is the lovely Millie. This sweet old girl will be 15 in a couple of weeks. She is a much loved black lab, with scrumptious snowy white hair on her face now. Very sadly, her mum is hospitalised with cancer and is no longer in a position to care for her. Sadly, the family couldn’t take Millie, and mum was deeply troubled that the only option for her precious girl was to be pts.

As like many things, timing was all. The family made contact with us just as dear Reilly passed so Anne was immediately ready for a new outreach pud. Our wonderful supporter Jill collected Millie en route to Twilight for one of her regular volunteer days – it all worked out well, and was clearly meant to be.

Millie has no known health issues, although her sight is clearly limited, and we suspect hearing too. She met the Twilight main household family, but was soon off with her new mummy Anne to settle into her new home. The first report is that Millie has settled in quickly and is enjoying her new life with our other outreach Puds who live with Aunty Anne, Brie and Leia.

Back in March the lovely Gaya joined the outreach team. Long-time supporters will know, from time to time we take in and care for puddings whose story we cannot really share in full for various reasons. This precious elderly lady is one such sad story, entrusted to us by an association. Deeply malnourished, untreated diabetes and, as a consequence, now blind. She is about 10 years old, and spindly! We put her straight into a special outreach home, but Twilight is funding all her needs, including her insulin and special food. She was checked over by our vets and reported to be doing well and stable. And, as you can see from this lovely photo, she’s now settled in her new outreach home and enjoying life.