Gambols, gallops and japes with our garden friends

Over the years Twilight has unwittingly gathered numerous garden friends: chickens, ducks, goats … and, of course, alpacas. The current family consists of two Alpacas and two goats. They’re all male, although the Alpacas, Bobby and Jacob are not sterilised, which occasionally makes for interesting times. These huge hairy love boys are gentle giants except when the scent of a woman comes their way! They are inclined to have a manly giraffe style tussle with each other, making the most high pitched squealing noises that turns the old quiet Twilight pack into a mad bunch of wolves! It doesn’t last long fortunately and Mummy popping out and topping up the extra yummy pellets helps!

Jacob & Bobby

Bobby, the (supposedly) white alpaca and Jacob, the dark chap, both love to be chatted with, sung to, and hose play is great fun on a warm day. They take shade under the trees, cool down by kneeling in their large drinking trough, and share their den with the goats. They make a happy foursome and they play gentle rough and tumble together. Jacob sleeps in late, and is always first to bed! He is the cuddliest of the two, and enjoys leaning his neck onto mummy’s chest. Old Bobby likes to think himself the top garden friend, we think. He rolls his eyes for first dibs to food, and would have you think he was a toughy! He chats loudest and together they make the sweetest little pure noises.

Ben & Jerry

The goats, Ben and Jerry, are just as loveable. Ben has the most white fur on his back, that’s how we tell them apart! They enjoy jumping and climbing, they play headbutts and are very easy going. Like virtually all goats, they’re not keen on getting wet, so they are first under the shelter in the rain. They do love to tease the dogs, especially Bear! Check out our Facebook page for some great videos of the goats and dogs having fun, and the whole garden pack helping with a little lawn-mowing. Do we mix them? Not often, and certainly not all at once. Dobbie thinks he could chase them all and round them up like a collie! We love all the garden boys. They are great lawn mowers, and they give an extra harmony of love within the Twilight aura.