Dear little Gazelle, a most welcome temporary visitor

From time-to-time Twilight offers a little respite care for rescued Puds who are making their way to a better life. A few months ago we responded to a bit of a crisis on social media and helped out where a potential adoption had gone awry, with the new family finding themselves unable to accommodate the dog’s medical problems. Twilight was able to step in provide space for a very handsome hound, Murphy, whilst his epilepsy issues were resolved. Despite Mummy Twilight saying, “I have failed and fallen in love already” it wasn’t long before dear Murph was moving on to a new home.

Currently, we’re looking after a sweet little Beagle called Gazelle (and Mummy Twilight has fallen for her, too!). This dear little poppet is 10 years old and had been used for puppy farming. Her arrival at Twilight marked the time when she touched grass on her little paws for the first time! Yes, really!

The plan is for Gazelle to be here just for six weeks or so. Straight from a puppy breeder, via an SPA, she is going to be heading to her own home in Germany. But she needed urgent surgery for a tumour and a hernia, which was to be done by our vets. So, we are happy to be part time mummy and daddy. On first arrival she was clearly quite overwhelmed by grass, new canines of various shapes, a food bowl all of her own, and a whole house of beds! But it wasn’t long before Gazelle was part of the team.

Then, it was time for our darling little pixie’s urgent surgery for hernias and maybe cancer. The vet, Christian, is amazing, not fazed at the extent of her problems. We’ll save you the gory details, but suffice to say that it took him a long time and he had to stitch extensively. All seemed to go ok, no cancer (great news!) and no post-op swelling. Unfortunately, though, two days later, and a bit more physical movement and we feared the hernia had broken through again. Urgent trip to vets was needed, and they were ready to open her up again, but felt it was more fluid than anything. So limited exercise and no frivolity of play! Hmm, might be a bit tricky with so many playmates at Twilight. However, fortunately Mummy and Daddy Twilight had lined a short R&R break in the camper whilst Aunty Maylis came to stay, so little Gazelle become a lady of leisure, clearly enjoying all the one-to one attention and life on the road. Fingers crossed for a full recovery and the power of natural healing xxxx