The Twilight Best Buddies

As Valentine’s Day approaches on Sunday, and love is in the air, we got to thinking about the many puds who have formed a special bond with each other during their stay at Twilight. Only a few weeks ago we said our goodbyes to precious Gabana, who was always a bit of a flirt, but had a soft spot for dear old Ben. In the current pudding pack there are firm friendships between Rock and Roo and Dobbie and Bear, and looking back over the years we’ve seen some lovely partnerships develop.

Sirius and Harold

Dear old Sirius, our shining star, joined Twilight from the SPA at Mornac. After a series of strokes, he was wobbly on his pins and there was a huge risk that he wouldn’t make it. With a hacked-off ear and rheumy eyes he wasn’t winning over any potential adopters. Luckily, Twilight had room and Sirius found the place that would be his retirement home for almost three years. Despite his health problems, after a few weeks he was a different dog. Soon he was playing football and learnt to catch treats in his mouth. Sadly, after several happy years at Twilight another stroke carried Sirius off to the Rainbow Bridge in January 2017. Sirius’ best friend was Harold. Rescued via Phoenix from a premature death row, old but happy, this fella tottered on his aged and worn back legs. He did so well, enjoying the garden and he made a very special friend when Sirius arrived. They spent much of their days together until sadly the mechanic of Harold’s hips finally gave way.

Sirius and Harold

Harley and Basil

Basil arrived at Twilight in November 2014. Originally named Balthier, the Romanian street dog was only five years old. He had been run over and left paralysed from the mid-back. Basil quickly settled into the pack, making firm friends with Sabre and blind Farley from whom he was inseparable. Basil came with his own set of wheels, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than running on his wheels, playing with his friends or chasing the ladies! His love of activity was probably his downfall and sadly he eventually lost the fight with infection. Dear Harley featured in a post a few weeks ago. Farley, as she was known at Twilight, was a blind street dog who also arrived at Twilight in 2014. She was firm friends with Basil, but sadly after his passing she never really made another doggy best friend and she’s now living a wonderful life in outreach.

Basil and Harley

Rock and Roo

A bit like Little and Large, these two reprobates can often be found together at Twilight. Rock with his superstar looks and Roo being just the cutest little chap, they’ve both got a big following of supporters. Rock was a Romanian street dog who had been run over by a train. He’s got a damaged back left leg that  has left him walking on his knee, and his front left leg is now healed but awkward. Nevertheless, Rock gets around the garden at surprising speed, and especially loves the new play park equipment or a roll in the frosty grass. Little tiny Roo is a paraplegic due to a car accident in Bordeaux. He’s a chihuahua mix and around three years old now. He gets around on his wheels or using his special kanga hop. His diminutive size does not stop him joining in all the fun with his big furry buddy Rock.

Rock and Roo

Bear and Dobbie

Another pair of best buddies in our current pack, Bear and Dobbie have pretty much grown up together. Little Dobster celebrates his fifth birthday today (February 10th 2021), and coincidentally it’s Mummy Twilight’s birthday too, though we are not going to reveal a lady’s age. However, there is a clue in that Bear joined Twilight as a puppy, a present for Mummy’s fiftieth birthday … and he’s only a few months older than his partner in crime Dobbie. These two love nothing more than charging around the garden, Dobbie puffing away trying to keep up with his longer legged chum and Bear usually with a pillow, cushion or toy in his mouth. Sometimes the play fighting looks a bit rough, but Dobbie always manages to hold his own.

Dobbie and Bear (and Bear’s pillow!)

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